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Importance of rotary kiln liner selection where the performance

2013-09-27 14:24:05

   Equipment is more important is liner, then for kiln linings How can we do, is our first pick, pick for us is not so easy, we need to make our equipment better kiln the development, we must do the work of selecting liner, Here we give you to explain, I hope everyone has a certain role for the specific selection to have better results in:
In the selection process for the liner to note:
The first is the flatness liner, liner flatness calcined material for us there is a certain role, if a smooth course, we will be very calcined material out perfectly fine, but instead will be trouble
The thickness of the liner we also need to control, and we need to how the material calcined, calcined and by how much, the end result is much that we can choose a suitable liner thickness, so that it can be more perfect fit.
For the lining quality, we need to further determine if there is defective, then we can imagine the quality of liner material is mainly to see the problem, do so better check is to run the main rotary equipment factor.
We hope the above explanation for rotary equipment linings have some knowledge in the use of rotary equipment when we pay more attention to the content, and ultimately allow us to maximize the role of therotary kiln, in our concrete production to the production of safe this is the way our purposes.