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What are classified ball mill liners

2013-11-28 13:29:15

Ball mill lining board is an important part of the ball mill, vulnerable to the work of grinding ball and the impact of the material, make the surface material lining board with the continuous migration, modernization of the ball mill lining plate gradually tend to be larger, to extend the service life of the lining board, then in the choice of materials under the time, so lining board materials mainly what? Here follow Laizhou Jingcheng rubber Limited company to go have a look.

Rubber lining board

Rubber lining board is the use of rubber lining plate medium, which is both ends, using the ball mill lining plate cylinder rubber lining board referred to, also known as rubber lining, rubber lining. Rubber lining plate for ball mill set is composed of an end plate (grille type grille), end promotion, the center ring (the grid as the center plate), filler, cylinder lifting strip (also called layering), cylinder liner, manhole, fasteners and other parts.

Metal liner

The metal lining plate is generally of high manganese steel liner, high manganese steel is wear resistant material has a long history, is a kind of material ball mill with the longest, the most common, it has good work hardening ability and good strength and toughness, and can be processed in the role of large impact load hardening, apply with strong impact loading conditions. Due to the small ball mill lining plate, the impact is not enough, so it is difficult to hardening of high manganese steel. Therefore the traditional high manganese steel replaced is an inevitable trend.

Magnetic liningMagnetic lining board is a kind of newly developed abrasion resistant lining board, is now widely applied to large and medium-sized domestic mining grinding. With the traditional high manganese steel liner, liner, has long service life, light weight, thin thickness, grinding ore fine granularity, low noise, good sealing, ball joint and saving energy, greatly reduces the labor intensity, magnetic lining plate of ball mill lining board is composed of strontium ferrite ferrite ceramic magnets and antirust stainless steel casing, liner surface composed of iron ore powder, pellet and broken ball material from lining layer, adsorption in the lining board surface, and the formation of sine wave.