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1.Pre-sale services: Act as a good adviser and assistant of clients;
enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investments.
★ Selecting equipment type;
★ Designing and fabricating the products in accordance with the special requirements of the clients;
★ Training technical personnel for our clients;
★ Providing construction and technology consultations or working out proper construction schemes for those new, special or difficult projects.


2.Services provided during the sale:
Respect our clients; present the clients with ease, relaxation and a surprise; devote ourselves to improve the total value of our clients.
★ Checking products acceptance ahead of delivery;
★ Introducing the HENGXING service system to our clients.


3. After-sale services:
Improve the added value of our products, and let the clients free from the using troubles:
★ Assisting the clients preparing for the first construction scheme;
★ Installing and testing the equipments;
★ Training the first-line operators on site;
★ Examining the equipment regularly;
★ Taking the initiatives to eliminate the failure(s) rapidly at site;
★ Distributing the guarantee fittings door-to-door;
★ Providing technical exchanging;
★ Providing maintenance for big items.