AAC plant production line

2012-12-07 17:16:33

AAC plant production line:
AAC plant is a production line that use siliceous materials and calcareous materials as the main material, through mixing foaming agent(aluminite powder), dosing, pouring, precuring, incising, autoclaving, conserving and some other technical process in making the light porous silicate products.
1. The equipment for raw material preprocessing
(1)Crusher: The massive material like limestone, gypsum, must be crushed so as to access the next process.
(2)Mill machine: The crushed material must be grinded thus can be reaction sufficiently. Ball mill is the general equipment for grinding, which include dry grinding and wet grinding for choice.
2. Raw material metering equipment: General uses microcomputer control automatic metering equipment system.
3. Material mixing and pouring equipment: Mixer, functioning in both mixing and pouring.
4. Cutting machine: Green body will be formed after the aerated concrete be poured. As the green body is large in volume, to meet the required size, cutting process is needed.
5. Skill kettle: An important for silicate product process in hydration reaction and form physical and mechanical property.
6. Boiler: Providing heat energy for skill kettle and precuring kiln.
7. Accessory equipment:
(1)Bolster, baseplate and mould vehicle are coordinate to form the pouring mould.
(2)Steam vehicle , ferry push and slings is the requisite equipment in autoclaved cure system.